Get TJ Maxx Coupons | April 2014 TJ Maxx Printable (4 New Coupons)

Get TJ Maxx Coupons

TJ Maxx or affectionately called TJs is one place where Americans love to shop. With more than 900 stores spread across the United States, there are thousands of products across these stores. To enable shoppers to save, we have created Get TJ Maxx Coupons with printable and digital coupons that you can use.

Shop for trendy designer clothes, handbags, accessories, shoes and much more at TJ Maxx with our unique TJ Maxx printable coupons. One can look classy and yet save money by availing various discounts that are offered for all the items that are available in the store.

About TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx was founded in 1976 as a nameplate of the Zayre discount departmental store chain. Later when Zayre sold, it was renamed as TJX Companies, Inc. It also operates in the United Kingdom under the name – T.K Maxx and also Ireland, Poland and Germany.
TJ Maxx has thousands of new products to choose from every week and with 900+ locations spread across the country, you should probably make it in your schedule to visit often so that you do not miss the latest.

Why TJ Maxx?

In these tough times, everyone is looking for great styles at affordable rates. People are looking to save as much money on purchases as possible. TJ Maxx makes this possible with their designer range of products that are sold at amazing prices. Another way to further save money at TJs, other than the discounts that are already offered is to use coupons or printable coupons of TJ Maxx.

To make shopping more fun and affordable, TJ Maxx frequently sends out coupons for shoppers. These coupons can be found on various avenues like the companies’ website, their twitter account and on their facebook account. You can also signup to their newsletter to have coupons delivered to your inbox.

That means, you can save money or get more clothes with the money that you save!

Get Printable TJ Maxx Coupons

Now, getting these coupons is not as hard as it may sound. You won’t have to waste your time on finding it if you know where exactly to look for them.

TJ Maxx website

Online and Printable TJ Maxx Coupons Availabe

This is one the best ways to get them. You can get these coupons by signing up for email options on the official website at The sign up is at the very top of the webpage beneath the TJ Maxx icon. Once you sign up, you will start receiving emails regarding the sales at the various discounts offered. You will also receive Gift cards and printable coupons from time to time.

Social Media

Another way to find out about coupons is by following the company on Twitter. All you have to do is sign up on the website. The link for this can be found on the left hand side of the webpage.
While filling out forms and connecting via social media, don’t forget to “like” TJ Maxx on Facebook. This way you will get updated about the latest offers and coupons on your facebook news feed.

Click on the “TJ Maxx Finds” to get more details about coupons and other savings.

Coupon Websites

There are many websites that put up coupons for the public. Some of the websites from where you can avail TJ Maxx coupons are and Attention must be paid while searching for coupons from these websites as some may have already expired. The best way to ensure validity is by checking how well they are rated. With higher rating comes better savings. Avoid coupons that have a lower rating.

This website is one of such websites that strives to find the best discounts and coupons for TJ Maxx.


Even in our face paced technological lives, the best way to get hold of these coupons is by checking the newspapers every weekend. See if they have put a TJ Maxx coupon insert or sales flyer along with the paper. However, don’t expect to get lucky every weekend! On the weeks when they have featured a coupon, you can buy several newspapers. This can be an effective strategy if used properly. Also ask your family and friends to see if they are using the coupons. If they are not, you can get it from them. This way you don’t have to purchase more newspapers!
This is also a reliable method as the newspapers will feature only the coupons that can be used currently. It will never put up an expired offer. But still, always check the expiry date on the coupons because some TJ Maxx coupons maybe good only for a particular day or weekend while some maybe good for an extended period of time. Generally a coupon will not be accepted if it’s past its expiration date.

Other Options

The easiest way is to ask for them at the store when you shop there next. All you have to do is ask for them at the customer service desk. Sometimes you can find a coupon on the bottom of your register receipt. So check it thoroughly before you throw it out!
You can also get them by participating in Customer Service Surveys. Details about these surveys can also be found at the bottom of your receipt. These surveys are easy to complete and take up very little time. So do not be hesitant to make use of it.

And if you open a TJ Maxx credit card account, every use of the card will get you a discount of 10% on merchandise.

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  1. I am interested in getting coupons for your store. I just recently started going to your store- i have been going there more frequently. Can you please send me some.
    Thanks and have a great day.

    • Isabella Swan says:

      Where can I get TJ Maxx coupons? I’ve been searching everywhere– I need a printable coupon, hopefully soon because I am in desperate need to go shopping!


      If anyone knows where to get a recent printable coupon, please comment below!

  2. sandy wellborn says:

    would love to get some coupons!

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