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TJ Maxx Luggage

Planning to buy new luggage? Stop by at TJ Maxx luggage section before you go to any other outlet. It’s worth a visit.

TJ Maxx offers a wide variety of luggage to choose from. You can select one according to the size, design and material you require. You can even get ones made out of tarpaulin that are weather-proof!

The store also gives you well-known brands like Ralph Lauren, Samsonite and even Diane von Furstenberg at highly reasonable rates with guaranteed quality on each unit.


Most TJ Maxx luggage section items are lightweight, sleek and in tune with the latest styles and designs. Ones with a number of pockets and ones that doesn’t have many are available. You can get them in sets of two units, four units etc and also as individual units.

Printed ones having geometric designs, leopard prints, patchwork etc are a specialty and are in vogue. You can also get personalized or initial-ed ones that help you keep track of your luggage on a journey.

Kids’ special luggage is also available in the store. They are small in size but are bright and colorful to suit kids’ tastes and likes. But these are very durable so as to be suitable for rough use by kids. Colorful luggage tags, rolling luggage trolleys are some among them.

Items like Solo Computer Portfolios, Boarding totes, Stack-able trunks, Folding Luggage Racks, Luggage straps, Solo Rolling Laptop cases, wheeled suitcases and Initial-ed/ID Luggage tags are also available.

If you don’t require branded ones, you get the others too which too are of standard quality. You can also get great discounts and coupons which can be used on them to make purchasing easier and hence avoid empty pockets. Anything and everything you need to make your journey easier can be found at a TJ Maxx store near you.

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3 Responses to TJ Maxx Luggage

  1. Christina Thacker says:

    I recently purchased a 28″ Liz Claiborne tap dance series piece of luggage at a Harrisburg,PA Tjmaxx. I would like to purchase other pieces in this pattern but have been unable to locate any at the two stores I checked. Can you tell me if any other of your stores carry this luggage? I live near Philadelphia. Thank you, Chris

  2. Beverly VanRaalte says:

    I am looking for a Internal traveler luggage, Paris the 19 in.


    Just purchase three pieces of Heys Leopard designed luggage at your store in Deerfield Beach, FL. I am looking for the largest piece either 29″ or 30″ in same design do you carry it. Thanks for your kind attention to this matter. Sharon

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